Your Funeral Guy sets funeral Fires While encouraging Cremation

6 Aug

Lower Funeral Cost Encourages cremation. Economic times are forcing people to turn to the Lower Cost option-Cremation Funeral fires are being set in Crematories for lower funeral cost and much lower than the average cost of a funeral. The best information on this can be found here:

REVIEW: Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

This is from a Suburban Chicago Newspaper that states the average funeral cost is $6,000 and the average cremation cost is $3.000- $4,000. But we all know that you you can have the sane dignity for less:

Check out the full article here:

You can read a portion of this interesting article here:

“With the cremation rate steadily rising, we are seeing more people calling and asking questions about funeral prices compared to cremation prices,” said Gerald Sullivan, president of the Cremation Society of Illinois, which has nine locations in the Chicago area. “People are trying to get an idea of how to best spend their money, while also paying their final respects to loved ones.”

Purchasing a casket, which can sell from $2,000 to $10,000, burial plot and grave liner can all add up to be pricey funeral expenses.

Cremation can be costly as well. A family can choose to put their loved one within a casket and to have an entire funeral service before cremation.

However, a less expensive option would be to purchase an urn to store the ashes, or have the ashes scattered across grave sites, bodies of water or other meaningful places of the deceased. Cremation expenses can run as low as $1,000, for a direct cremation, which does not include visitation or services.”

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