Your Funeral Guy: Five Hats at Your Funeral.

9 Feb

While doing a funeral I found Five Hats. These Five Hats will be found at Your Funeral.

As it worked out it was a lower cost funeral.
5 Hats people wear—found at lower cost funeral left by working stiffs.
What hat are you wearing today?

First hat, “WHITE HAT” The white hat is the good guy hat, most every one wears a white hat some of the time. Even, criminals, sociopaths, sex offenders, baby killers, etc, Adolph Hitler wore many white hats. There are full time white hatters. Not many left, Mother Teresa gone, Todd Beamer gone.It is good to say that it is still true that most people have white hatters somewhere in their lives. The Old car salesman commercial You can “Tell their good guys they all wear white Hats.” goes right over the top. Funeral directors present themselves as the white guy who will help you with the cost of your funeral. Funny thing they wear black suits. Savy Internet users use white hat and black hat strategies.Which brings us to the black hat.


Second hat, “BLACK HAT” or the break the rules hat which sometimes appears good. Renegades love this hat.
It is pretty true that breaking the rule as a professional lets you really help others. Through the black hats, whistle blowing, insider secrets, whether a Funeral Director, Doctor, lawyer, student or whatever helps people lower the cost and raise the benefits to broad prosperity. Black hatting has it’s drawbacks. Whistle blowers can get kicked out of professions and up behind the counter at radio shack. Worse yet they can be killed or put in prison. When you put on the black hat in the name of freedom you can lose your personal freedom. This can make you a mad hatter(thanks to great cartoons)which is really the red hat.


Third, “RED HATS”. Red Hats are fun to watch.literally, Ever watch someone get mad, and go from mad hatter to red hat? One thing I like to do in my profession is to speak and observe Red Hat Society meetings. Grandma’s are so dangerous and effectively beautiful, and attractive when they get mad. Don’t get me wrong beautiful girls in Red Hats are attractive and sexy at any age. It really gets Hot when they Red Hat and dye their hair red. I especially love red hair, red hats, and red dresses at funerals. People process their grief better, negotiate a lower cost funeral, and the ladies in red old or young get the family’s attention, funeral directors attention AND KEEP EVERYONE from taking advantage of each other.OF Course this applies to any situation you encounter. Red nail polish or lipstick are effective in getting people to process their emotions as well. It also is a beautiful way to get your way in anything but especially a lower cost funeral .Which brings me to the Fourth Hat!

Fourth, WHITE HATS WITH A BIG RED FEATHER. These need to be able to be avoided or will bring you to a quick death!
I am actually getting too excited here to go into much more detail. Adolph Hitler is the best WHITE HAT WITH A BIG RED FEATHER example. For a long time he wore a white Hat with a big red feather that screamed I hate Jews! The red feather turned his hat so black .So. he is remembered as a terrible dictator in a black hat that mass murdered 6 million folks.
Instead of helping people into broader prosperity and lower costs he got to the point where he could not share responsibility with anyone! The ultimate control Freak. He refused a funeral and a grave. No one kept his ashes. he did have a lower cost funeral, no funeral.This brings us to the good cop bad cop hat.


Fifth hat. The GREY HAT or hat that goes back and forth between black and white. The continual good cop bad cop routine. I am a good cop just giving you a warning. OR HA HA. Gotcha you are going to jail dude. I am neither black or white. I can do anything I want with you. LOL. GREY HATS ARE EVERYWHERE.


Lower your funeral cost.Wear any hat you want TO THE DEATH!

OK I got a little carried away here. For sure though Adolph Hitler Did not Rest in Peace.

More information is available in the book “Rest in Peace Insider Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral” by R.Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

1. Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Publication Date: May 1, 2008

This book promotes a better future, broad prosperity, and personal freedom, by leaving money in people’s wallets at the funeral arrangement conference. It is a great help with the basic cost of a funeral. It helps with the painful problem of death and dying.

Forward by Best Selling Author Matt Bacak

Thumbs up from Jason Oman #1 International Best Selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires.

This book will lower your personal expenses and funeral expenses guaranteed.

R.Brian Burkhardt–Your Funeral Guy AKA Robert Burkhardt, Robert Brian Burkhardt, Bob Burkhardt, Robert B Burkhardt, Brian Burkhardt and Burkhardt

Funeral Director, Illinois, Virginia,


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