How Yourfuneralguy’s experience came to help you do a lower cost funeral!

25 Nov

How Your Funeral Guy Came to help People Around the World do lower cost funerals!

This is my First where I reveal some of the story about R. Brian Burkhardt, Your Funeral Guy. I am here because over the past 6 months i have been personally encouraged with posts. Indeed there has been several posts about my passion Lowering the Costs of Funerals. There is more information on this here:

My first day of funeral service was September 11, 2001. I believed that by being a Funeral Director, I could help,
encourage, bring broad prosperity and a better future to families. The events of September 11th 2001 gave my an ironclad compassion for families who experience a loss through death. No one will take this away from me.

Career moves brought me to the Washington D.C. Area to funeral direct there. This was the time of the start of the Iraq War. Doing funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery and the Quantico Marine Base.was an honor. It gave me the skills to do excellent ceremonies.

THIS IS WHERE THE REAL LEARNING BEGAN: GOVERNMENT LEADERS WOULD COME IN AND DO FUNERALS. Most of the time they would walk out of the funeral home paying $2000 to $4000 less for
a $10.000 Funeral.

No they did not get special deals.. They knew and applied the Funeral Rule, funeral law. They knew how to negotiate with Funeral Directors. They walked away with saved money and broad prosperity.Government Leaders were not the real masters of the lower cost funeral.

Immigrants (legal and illegal) were the grand masters. Maybe it is because immigrants congregate in the D.C. Area. These friends researched the lower cost funeral to save money. Often they knew more than the Government Leaders. They always paid at the end, and always passed the hat in their community coming up with substantial funds.Here are seven steps to the lower cost funeral.

1 Before planning a funeral choose a funeral home and funeral director who you can communicate with. Make sure the funeral guy is your funeral guy and that you are able to negotiate a lower cost funeral with this individual.

2 Read The Funeral Rule. Make sure you understand it.

3. Be sure the Funeral director, your funeral guy of choice follows the rule

4. Pay only and sign only for the funeral goods and services you desire.

5. Pay at the End. Do not compromise & stay in charge.6. Get Financial and emotional support you need.7 Read “Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the Low cost Less Stress Funeral“- FOR MORE LOWER COST FUNERAL INFORMATION.If you do this you will have a lower cost funeral.More advanced strategies with cost saving real funeral examples is in

The BOOK :Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the LOW COST LESS STRESS FUNERAL
is soon to be published by Morgan James. I am very pleased that the powerful promoter, Matt Bacak called this a great book.
It is also noteworthy that Jason Oman, #1 international best selling author endorsed this book. Yourfuneralguy is very grateful to these individuals.

If you follow these simple steps you will contibute to you own broad prosperity, personal freedom, and better future as well as that of the human race.Your Funeral Guy R.Brian Burkhardt


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