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A Good Goodbye-Alkaline Hydroylsis Disposition-Water Resolution-YourFuneralGuy

1 Jan

The author of the new Funeral Book, Has posted some information on Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition and water Resolution at her website. This is an excerpt from the book “A GoodGoodbye:

A New Eco-Friendly Disposal Method

While not in widespread use by funeral homes yet, there’s a relatively new process that liquefies the body into a coffee-colored sterile solution that can be safely disposed of in water or on land without concern about toxic chemicals.

This developing green alternative to burial and cremation accelerates natural decomposition. It has different names given by four different providers: BioSAFE Engineering calls it Water Resolution®, Eco-Green Cremation System calls it Natural Cremation, Matthews International, Inc. calls it Bio-cremation or Resomation®, and CycledLife calls it by its official name, alkaline hydrolysis.

The body is placed in a specialized tank that is filled with a strong alkali solution that is brought up to high temperature and pressure. The tissue dissolves into basic life-building blocks of amino acids, peptides, sugars, and soap (actually, the salts of fatty acids), leaving white, brittle skeletal remains that are easily powdered to ash. These sterile “bone shadows” can be returned as ashes if the family desires.

The process neutralizes embalming fluid, drugs, and the body’s DNA/RNA and it produces much less CO2 than a cremation. Titanium medical implants can be recovered intact and perfectly usable in Third World countries by organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. While not yet widely used as of 2010, the Mayo Clinic has successfully used the Water Resolution® process since 2007 to dispose of bodies donated for scientific research.

via thefamilyplot.wordpress.com

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Some of the Latest Information on Alkaline hydrolysis disposition, BioCremation, and Resomation can be found here.:

2011 will see the continued Rise Alkaline Hydroylsis Disposition


“A Good Goodbye ” may be the best Funeral book published in 2010

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Alkaline Hydrolysis will change Funerals-Your Funeral Guy

26 Oct

Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition, Water cremation water resolution or Bio Cremation will change Funerals forever.

Although the 1st  reaction is of many Folks is Ick the process will take hold eventually because Bio cremation or water cremation is good for the environment (The Earth), good for the consumer and good for the funeral industry. Anderson-Mcqueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg Florida is slated to be  the 1st in the country(USA) to put in place green cremation machine.

A bill to legalize the chemical process in New York was called “Hannibal Lecter’s bill.” Just before the same bill went down in defeat in New Hampshire, a lawmaker complained that he didn’t want his loved ones to go “down the drain.”

It’s called alkaline hydrolysis, and it’s one of a wave of green funeral options gaining popularity across the nation. Proponents say it’s better for the environment and gentler on the deceased.

It just takes some getting used to, is all. That’s because it’s basically melting your loved ones away.

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Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: Sale of one of the Green Cremation Companies Pending

7 Oct Drop of water

The sale of one of the Green Cremation, Bio cremation, Resomation, Water Resolution,  Companies- CycledLife(TM) is apparently pending. Screen Shot 10.07.10

Here is some detailed information on The Alkaline Hydroylsis disposition machine that was is available from cycledlife or CycledBurial. 

The main difference between ResomationR and Cycledlife alkaline hyrdroylysis machines is price:http://www.yourfuneralguyblog.com/2010/09/resomation-cycledlife-alkaline.html

via cycledlife.com

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Funeral Industry-Bio Cremation Machine Placed by 09.30.2010-Your Funeral Guy

10 Sep image5911
St. Petersburg (Florida) by SPOT Satellite
Image via St Petersburg , Florida

A Bio cremation machine (resomation), alkaline hydrolysis disposition  machine is suppose to  be in place  in St Petersburg, Florida by September 30th, 2010

This is according to Bill McQueen owner of  Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg Florida. This information is posted at the Mathews Cremation at their Bio Cremation Website.

Bio cremation or green cremation will revolutionize  funerals and cremation if it is brought to the consumer at a reasonable price point.

Snippet from  A Matthews Cremation Bio- Cremation  Article

Bill MCQueen…said that equipment is waiting in Orlando for delivery and installation and he expects .. the Bio Cremation Unit to be to be installed and operational unit by September 30th……It will be installed in our existing Facility at 7829 38th North Ave, St Petersburg, Florida

-via Matthew’s Bio Cremation Site  American Funeral Director Article

My sources tell me the that the machine is going into a one car garage. The base price of the Machine is $397, 000 USD  McQueen states in the article that his costs including installation and auxillary equipment are $450,000 USD.

It is explained in the article that bio cremation will be offered as premium service more expensive than a traditional cremation.

Funeral industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog By Your Funeral Guy

Alkaline hydrolysis Disposition does not have to cost more than cremation. Other names for the process are green cremation, aquamation, water resolution, water cremation and natural cremation. The technology being this process is clearly low tech and a machine can be manufactured and tested by many companies.

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Libertarian Bob Barr Mocks Green Cremation-Your Funeral Guy

21 Jul 2010-07-21_1148

The Libertarian  Bob Bar recently put up an article mocking Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition or Green Cremation. Over the last several weeks much misinformation has been put out in the media on this subject.

The tone of the criticism is that the green cremation or  alkaline hydrolysis machines are  from the green  movement of left wing crazies. All the folks producing the green cremation Machines are entrepreneurs, and not green radicals!

The First Main Objection to this “Libertarian’s Article” Is the headline. “Washing Dead Bodies Down the Drain a New Green Cremation Trend. In Green Cremation, Dead bodies are not washed down the drain, after the process accelerated decomposition fluid is returned to the environment, as  fluid fertilizer  or to water sewage treatment.

This is what happens in Nature, or natural decomposition. What happens at a traditional funeral “EMBALMING ” is much worse Blood and Formaldehyde go right down the drain. Check Out: If Green Cremation is Ugly, Embalming is Uglier.

Barr does not mention that cremation is destructive to the Environment, but  instead he marches into the soylent green uninformed response to Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Soylent Green” was a 1973 science fiction film that starred Charlton Heston. In the movie, a primary foodstuff for an overpopulated and over-polluted world is something called “soylent green,” which is a processed, wafer-like biscuit.  Toward the end of the movie, which depicts a dystopian police state, Heston discovers that the primary ingredient in soylent green is processed human corpses. While the process of dissolving and then reconstituting human bodies into edible products does not yet appear to be on the horizon in the real world, the process of dissolving human bodies into liquids and disposing of them at water treatment plants, is.

via blogs.ajc.com

Resomation is only one term from one company for Green Cremation Barr insists on attacking it in his article.

The other terms are cycledlife, water resolution, bio cremation, water disposition, water reduction, natural cremation are not even considered in

Funeral Industry| funeral News | Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Bob Barr was the Libertarian Candidate for President in 2008

YourFuneralGuy Exclusive-Matthews Intl on Green, Bio Cremation

16 Jul 2010-07-16_1908

The Largest crematory manufacturer in the USA-Matthews International- may jump ahead in the great  green, bio cremation race. The process is also known  Alkaline hydrolysis, water resolution, resomation, or  Alkaline  Disposition.

There have been 2 comments  AT  THIS BLOG from Matthews Cremation.

1. Matthews International Will soon have a website devoted to bio(or green Cremation)

Comment-Matthews Cremation will be releasing a website dedicated specifically to the Bio-Cremation process shortly. Our hopes are to dis spell some of the myths associated with this process and advance legislation to allow it in all states. Stay tuned!

viaYour Funeral Guy Exclusive: Funeral Industry Alkaline Hydrolysis(Pics) Demonstration

2. Matthews Cremation will ship an Alkaline Hydrolysis(Green Cremation) Machine very soon to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Comment-Actually, the Bio Cremation machine going to St. Pete will serve as a full service facility for those requesting green cremations. It should be installed soon and we are looking forward to seeing it go out.-via Tale of Two Bio Cremation Machines

Different Companies claim the green or bio cremation will cost the  same as traditional or fire cremation(ie cycled life). Others say it will cost more. Some  say it will cost less. It really depends on the funeral home or the funeral Director setting the Price!

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Your Funeral Guy:What Country will have #1 GreenCremationMachine?

12 Jul iStock_000003138313XSmall

What country in the world will have the 1st Green Cremation Machine? There are reports of the green cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, resomation, water resolution  machines going into the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Mexico, The UK and Scotland.

In the United States alone reports have surfaced of the machine going into California, Washington State, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota and Maine. There does seem to be a race among Funeral Homes in the US to be the first to place a  green cremation machine into Operation. The funeral home anywhere in the world that is first will certainly get much free publicity.  It is also rumored that the Neptune Society has purchased a Machine.

A machine could be in place any time this summer or this fall. There are some negatives however as recent press reports indicate.

UNDERTAKERS could dissolve corpses in chemicals then flush the remains into the sewage system under plans being studied by European bureaucrats.

The controversial method has been hailed as a much more ecologically sound method of dealing with the dead.

But critics have branded the procedure, driven by a Scottish company, as “disturbing” and claim it shows no respect for the recently departed.

via www.heraldsun.com.au

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Belgium Undertakers want Alkaline Hydrolysis|Resomation-YourFuneralGuy

10 Jul resomation-and-corpse-composting-greener-alternatives-to-burial-and-cremation-2

It appears that the new form of Disposition by Alkaline Hydrolysis is moving forward across the pond.

Known in Europe as Resomation, Belgium Funeral Directors may have the Process Made available to them in three months. In The US the process is named as green cremation, water resolution, bio cremation and several other names.

The process has been approved in six states in the US: Maryland, Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Oregon, Florida. approval is expected soon in  California.

This  snippet from the article starts out by quoting Resomation Ltd, Sandy Stevens.

‘I am getting a lot of requests from families and we hope it will become legal in Scotland within the year.

‘Burial space is running out and I have had lots of people contact me whose loved ones have chosen resomation.

‘It’s a highly sensitive subject but I think the public are ready for it.’

The name ‘Resomation’ comes from the Greek word ‘Resoma’ meaning rebirth of the human body.

Members of the EU Commission must rule on the Belgian proposal as there are concerns that residual waste could be flushed into the drainage system.

Belgian undertakers hope to have the greenlight within three months.

In resomation the body is placed in a silk bag, itself placed within a metal cage frame. This is then loaded into a Resomator.

The machine is filled with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide.

The end result is a small quantity of green-brown tinted liquid containing amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts and soft, porous white bone remains which are easily crushed.

The white ash can then be returned to the next of kin of the deceased.

The liquid can be recycled back to the ecosystem by being applied to a memorial garden or forest or simply put into the sewerage system.

via www.dailymail.co.uk

In the United States the Resomation Ltd distributorship is held by Matthews International

Sandy Stevens is the founder of Resomation LTD, one of 4 compamies in the world making alkaline hydrolysis machnes for the Funeral Industry.

Negative comments on the process are full of the the Phase “Soylent Green”. Certainly in bringing the alkaline hydrolysis machine  to market there are aesthetic issues to be over come.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

From my personal experience viewing  an alkaline hydrolysis machine  in action and experience as a funeral director there is no smell of death, or soylent green product.

Fast Company explains Corpse Composting, Resomation-YourFuneralGuy

5 Jul Slide9

The popular publication “Fast Company” has done an article on Corpse Composting and Resomation. The Article is entitled:

“Green Cremation, Burials Offer Sustainability in Death” Funerals get Gore-y.

Now  what is presented is not the most consumer friendly Expalnation of Promessa.

Ms. Wiigh-Mäsak is the founder of Promessa

Chemical & Engineering News points us to a number of possibilities for green–and slightly gruesome–burials and cremations. A Swedish company called Promessa, for example, plans to dunk corpses into liquid nitrogen, break them down into small, freeze-dried pieces, suck away excess water with vacuums, and place the broken-down bodies into corn starch coffins. Promessa reasons that the tactic is greener than cremations, which spew toxic flue gases into the air.

via www.fastcompany.com

Promessa isnt going to happen soon, as it goes into Clinical testing this fall, pretty strange clinically testing a new  final disposition Process.

The article also mentions t Resomation only Briefly. (Other Names “Water Resolution, Green Cremation, Natural Cremation, Bio Cremation) an alkaline hydrolysis  process of accelerated decomposition. “The Gore-y” does not put either resomation or alkaline hydrolysis in a positive light.

Although the most expensive Alkaline Hydrolysis machine costs about $440, ooo.00 USD. There are smaller machines available from about $100,000 USD to 130,000.00 USD.

Alkaline hydrolysis-Resomation- Is hardly mentioned in the Fast Company Article. To mention it in the same breath as Promessa seems a litle unfair as working Resomation machines have been available for years but Promessa has not even been tested. Promessa takes Six To 12 months. Resomation or Green Cremation can take from Four to 24 Hours.

Anyone Of the Four Providers of Alkaline Hydrolysis Green Cremation machines could have working machines in use in the Funeral Industry by late summer or fall.


Funeral Industry| Funeral News  Funeral Blog BY Your Funeral Guy

Cycledlife  Green Cremation Machine used s featured image, Not the most expensive Green Cremation  Machine available

New Good Carbon Footprint|Bio Cremation| Rockets you to the Great Beyond-Your Funeral Guy.

4 Jul Slide9

Traditional Cremation by Fire and Traditional burial give our Earth a Green, Carbon Footprint problem. Here is a summary of the Carbon Foot Print problem with  Traditional Funerals.

Of the more than 2.4 million deaths per year in the United States, roughly 70 percent of the newly departed are interred in traditional caskets — that is, wood, steel or even copper caskets, many of which are then encased in slabs of reinforced concrete to prevent the weight of the earth from causing them to collapse. For those who go the casket route, embalming with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde remains common.

As a result, the environmental footprint of the dead is a heavy one. Every year, cemeteries across the nation bury approximately 30 million board feet of hardwood, 104,000 tons of steel, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze and 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete, according to statistics gathered by environmental groups and advocates for green burial.

via green.blogs.nytimes.com

Here is a summary of the carbon footprint of cremation verses bio cremation or resomation, or water resolution

On Friday June 4th 2010  i had the privilege of viewing  demonstration of Alkaline hydrolysis decomposition.

A look inside the empty machine

CycledLife(TM) has a human machine being shipped to the funeral industry. I was invited to view the machine on Friday, June 4th 2010.This was a demonstration of accelerated Decomposition

The main point is that it has been observed that Alkaline Hydrolysis Works. Call it Bio Cremation, Water Resolution, Resomation, or green cremation-Alkaline Hydrolysis is simply a new form of Disposition, that is accelerated decomposition.

Here are some pictures from the event.

The Tray inside the machine getting ready for the process.

Machine Closed loaded Ready to be put in upright

The Tray inside the machine getting ready for the process, decomposition begins after chemicals applied with no water in upright position, with deceased inside.Water and agitation occur when machine is started up from side panel

decomposition being checked=

Seeing is believing, accelerated decomposition in cycledlife  alkaline hydrolysis machine works

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